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Everest Elevator provides monthly service to prevent unnecessary shut downs and repair costs to equipment and is helping companies receive a significantly better value on their elevator maintenance contracts.


Your business can rely on the professionals at Everest to get the job done right.

At Everest Elevator all our experienced union mechanics are licensed in both the State of Illinois and Indiana. They have been trained on OEM as well as generic equipment and in all facets of the elevator industry. Our mechanics meet all current OSHA and required Refinery Safety training. All our mechanics receive in-house and continuous education on the latest codes and jurisdictional requirements.


In 2012 Everest Elevator acquired Barnard/Sterling/Joliet Elevator companies which have over 20 years of combined experience in maintaining, repairing, modernization and construction.

Our Services

On duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Code Required Testing

Our experienced mechanics have been trained in all aspects if the State of Indiana, State of Illinois and the City of Chicago requirements for your elevator equipment needs. We perform all code required Category 1, Category 3 and Category 5 testing.

Everest currently has three mechanics on staff that are QEI certified and have State of Illinois Inspectorss licenses to ensure that all code requirements for your elevators are identified and met to minimize your liabilities. We have a vast elevator code library available to all our mechanics from 1917 to the present day.


Our maintenance programs are designed so your equipment receives the proper maintenance to increase the reliability and extend the life of the equipment. We evaluate your equipment and tailor your maintenance programs for both your equipment's needs and your bottom line:


Includes monthly inspection of the equipment, lubrication and required monthly firefighters service operation testing.


Includes monthly inspection of the equipment, lubrication, replacement of minor parts, callbacks during regular hours and monthly firefighters service operation testing.


Includes monthly inspection of the equipment, replacement of parts, team repairs, callbacks for regular hours and monthly firefighters service operation testing.


Our mechanics have been trained and have the experience in all aspects of repair. At Everest we have the tooling and experience to get any size job done.

Modernization and Construction

At Everest Elevator we install only energy efficient non-proprietary equipment for your building. We provide you with an evaluation of your elevator needs and address any code deficiencies and ADA requirements. Our technologically advanced control systems increase the reliability, dependability and improve the level of service to your building. We have a project management team that will assist you through every step of the installation from engineering and planning to final acceptance. Our team of experts bring the installation in on-time and more importantly on budget. Everest experienced mechanics have installed numerous electric (traction) elevators, hydraulic elevators, roped-hydraulic elevators, LULA's, Private Residence Elevators and Handicapped lifts.


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